Friday, November 25, 2011

Weekly fav's 25/11/11

Get ready for more stuff to read! 'Weekly favorites' is one of our new things to do on the blog.

'Weekly favorites' is a summary of the blogposts, articles and other online content that gets posted during the week. Every week, we will post a new blogentry with the 10 most interesting posts from around on the web about cosplay of course! (This being articles, tutorial, reviews and a lot more).

You can also contribute with posts from your own blog or other interest readings and goodies.

Be a comrade and e-mail your favorite reads about cosplay online, and if we like the content, we'll post it along with our stuff here. Send it to

Down underneath, you'll find this weeks bunch of online goodies.

1 - Soomi Park creates LED lights to open up smaller eye shapes

Found via @francescadani

Soomi Park has created a new type of accessory for the eyes. Two sets of LED lights that reacts to movement, and fits on the lover eyelids. Can these be a new trends in cosplay?
Let's see where this goes.

Read more here:

2 - Volpin props walk-through of Thrall's Doomhammer build

Found via

Known for his genius skills in propmaking, people that follows Volpins blog here on blogspot. has been amazed with many awesome cosplay prop- and costume builds. Here is an amazing walk-through of the build of Thrall's Doomhammer from WarCraft.  

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3 - CosplayGen 4th issue now available

Found via

CosplayGen is an international cosplay magazine that released its fourth issue in the start of November, for purchase on their website. This issue contains tons of interviews of cosplayers across the world and renowned japanese cosplay idol Kaname.

Read more here:

4 - Cosplay for a cause calender

Found via

Cosplay for a cause is a project, where cosplayers take a picture with sign including a message to the victims of the catastrophe in Japan. Now has created a 2012 calender with a selection of cosplay idols from around the world. Buy a calender and support the victims. The proceeds will 100% go to the Japanese Red Cross.

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  1. The LED-eyelash project is interesting although rather strange - thanks for the link though, it was fun to see!