Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekly fav's 18/12/11

What you can look forward to in this Weekly fav's

Volpin blogs about his build of the Gravity gun from the game Portal, an awesome Iron Man steampunk costume showcase, an awesome interview of the German cosplayer Sina Voss. The release of CosMag #8 and two articles about apparel and the signals one sends when wearing a costume.

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1 - Release of CosMag #8

Found via

Casper from the blog has run the online Danish cosplay magazine CosMag since 2008. Now the latest issue (number 8) is available for reading online/downloading. Unfortunately it's only in Danish, but you can always look at the pretty pictures!

Read more here:

2 - Not Young Justice Us - Sina Voss (German) cosplayer interview

Found via Twitter

The guys from Not Young Justice Us (NERD Cast Network), made an interesting interview with the German cosplayer Sina Voss, about her costuming and things related to the german cosplay culture.

Info on the interview

Listen to the interview here:

3 -Steampunk Iron Man costume

Found via Twitter

Have a look at this guys awesome Iron Man retro Steampunk costume. I has been featured in Ackson's cosplay video, which you can watch here. You can see him at the period from 3:34-3:59.

See more pictures here: 

 4 - Costumes are a communicator

Found via Twitter

Whether we like it or not, the clothes and costumes we wear in different situations, are things that communicate or sends signals to others. This is a topic that the blog About Waifuz has discusses and illuminated. Have a look at their blogpost below to get into their minds. Despite the colorful image that is presented in the article, the things that is put in focus are nice to know, when you go out wearing a cosplay in public.

Read both articles here: and here

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