Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nordic Travel Fair - Helsinki

This weekend me (Elffi), Shufu, Majo and Rimppu (WCS 2012 representatives of Finland) are going to work on MATKA 2012 Nordic Travel Fair in Helsinki. It is the biggest travel fair in Northern Europe. In 2010 over 81,500 professionals and consumers visited the fair. There was over 1,200 exhibitors. It's a huge convention with many different countries all over the world! Last year, 2011, there was approximately 100,000 visitors in the fair.

The fair is mostly offering useful information on new unknown destinations all over the world. It's the main event in Northern Europe for travel industry, and there is a LOT of worldwide known airlines participating. It's an excellent forum for countries, travel agencies and other companies to show their products and meet new partners. 

The four of us are going to work on the Japan booth for the weekend. We are all cosplayers and we are going to hold a little representation of cosplay. People in the fair are not so familiar with cosplay, so we are going to introduce history of cosplay in Finland and worldwide. After that there is a little cosplay skit with music. I hope we will meet some people from Japan also, because I wanna discuss things in Japanese.

We have a camera with us and we are going to check out all the booths from different countries to make some new friends and to promote cosplay! And of course we are going to take a lot of photos! Hope you enjoy our forthcoming blog post! 

I can already see all the scared faces of the NORMAL people when they see COSPLAYERS in the fair ;D (and I'm not even wearing a shirt!)


  1. Awesome! I hope you will have a great time there!

  2. How is it?
    Can't wait for your forthcoming post and photos!